Over 20 Leading WiFi 6 CPEs Debut on OpenSync

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Together with leading Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) partners –  ADTRAN, Askey, CIG, Hitron, Kaon, Sagemcom, Sercomm, Technicolor, and Zyxel Communications-Smart Home Services pioneer Plume®, today announced the availability of over 20 Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) CPEs fully supported by OpenSync®. In fully optimizing the latest specification updates and enhancements, OpenSync has become the most broadly supported open-source silicon-to-cloud framework for Wi-Fi 6 globally.

The initial list of world-leading CPE providers who are launching Wi-Fi 6 CPEs with OpenSync includes:

  • ADTRAN: SDG-814-v6 Gateway – available now
  • Askey: RT5010 Router – available now
  • CIG: WF-194C4 Extender, WF-194C8 Access Point, WF-188 Extender – available 2Q 2021
  • Hitron: OS2210 Extender – available 2Q 2021
  • Kaon: AR1344E Extender, CG3000S Gateway – available 2Q 2021
  • Sagemcom: Fast3896 Gateway, Fast568x Gateway, Fast567x Gateway, Fast538x Gateway,
  • Fast528x Router, Fast266 Extender, Fast288 Extender, Fast69x Extender – available 2Q 2021
  • Sercomm: RP562B Extender, DG4244 Gateway – available 2Q 2021
  • Technicolor: OWA3111 Extender – available 2Q 2021
  • Zyxel: EX5510 Gateway, EX3510 Gateway, WX3310 Extender – available 2Q 2021
  • Plume designed SuperPod™ with Wi-Fi 6 – available 2Q 2021

For further specification details please visit opensync.io.

All CPEs come pre-integrated with OpenSync and provide out-of-the-box access to Plume’s Consumer Experience Management (CEM) Platform – including the HomePass®, Haystack™ and Harvest™ service suites. Leveraging OpenSync, and actively managed by the Plume Cloud, over 150 Communications Service Providers (CSPs) serve personalized smart home experiences today to more than 22 million homes worldwide.

Featuring the latest Wi-Fi 6 chipsets from major silicon providers including Broadcom, MaxLinear, and Qualcomm, OpenSync’s flexible and cloud-agnostic architecture enables rapid service curation, delivery, scale, management, and support of Smart Home Services.

Through OpenSync, CSPs have complete control over their Wi-Fi 6 CPE choices, while full interoperability brings longevity to existing CAPEX investments. All OpenSync-powered CPEs from multiple suppliers – including gateways, extenders and SuperPods – can coexist on the same home network, irrespective of Wi-Fi generation, with plug and play simplicity, and access to Plume services.

While Wi-Fi 6 is a very exciting milestone for wireless home connectivity, this advancement alone is insufficient to deliver the personalized and fully optimized experiences demanded by broadband subscribers today,” said Fahri Diner, Co-founder & CEO at Plume. “To fully capitalize on the benefits of Wi-Fi 6, CSPs must deploy both reactive and predictive cloud management across all hardware platforms to address the increased complexity of the home network. Starting this year, the intersection of an open platform approach and cloud managed Wi-Fi 6 may very well be the winning formula.

While the Wi-Fi 6 specification provides significant improvements over past iterations – including increased throughput, improved latency, power savings, and enhanced security – these benefits are best unlocked and fully realized through OpenSync and a massively scalable cloud platform. Due to its cloud-controlled algorithms, OpenSync enabled CPEs managed by the Plume cloud are uniquely positioned to take advantage of certain Wi-Fi 6 features including OFDMA – critical in today’s increasingly dense smart home environments.

Delivering a fully optimized consumer experience

Plume’s partners cite the unique advantages of deploying Wi-Fi 6 CPE in combination with OpenSync and Plume’s CEM Platform to enable CSPs to deliver a fully optimized subscriber experience:

“Our integration of OpenSync across ADTRAN solutions vastly improves the broadband experience while helping operators achieve faster time-to-market and time-to-revenue, improved analytics and performance capabilities, and fostering the creation of new and expanded high-value services,” said Robert Conger, CTO, ADTRAN.

“With 30 years of expertise in developing ICT devices and robust R&D capabilities, Askey looks forward to delivering comprehensive OpenSync-integrated Wi-Fi 6 gateways and extenders to customers worldwide, and to expanding the range of related applications. Askey is delighted to be a partner in Plume’s CEM Platform. By collaborating with solution partners, Askey is at the forefront of Wi-Fi 6 product development, to deliver wide-ranging consumer benefits and to enable the deployment of new cloud-driven services,” said Robert Lin, CEO, Askey.

As one of Plume and OpenSync’s long standing partners, CIG is delighted to bring new Wi-Fi 6 devices to market that will create new opportunities for service providers to evolve the smart home experiences that they provide today. We believe that next generation Wi-Fi, open-source software, and a cloud-driven consumer experience management platform is a powerful combination that will ensure the rapid execution of new services at the cadence that customers now demand them. - said Haibo Zhao, CTO, CIG.

“The broadband market is evolving rapidly and we are constantly looking to meet changing consumer needs and expectations by enhancing our state-of-the-art CPE through software. While Wi-Fi 6 presents an evolutionary step forward in terms of features and functionality, OpenSync integration ensures that we can benefit from an open-source ecosystem that – together with Plume’s CEM Platform – among many benefits, harnesses the power of the cloud to carry out sophisticated Wi-Fi optimizations, and deliver the best possible experiences to consumers based on their individual needs,” said Greg Fisher, President, Hitron Technologies Americas.

“Now more than ever fast and highly reliable connectivity is key – and even a lifeline – to broadband subscribers, and we’re delighted to bring our new Wi-Fi 6 products to market to provide a welcome boost. Fast time to market is massively important as subscribers demand more from their smart homes, and we feel very confident that in pairing our technology with OpenSync, we have put service providers in the best possible position to enrich their offerings with AI and cloud technologies and deliver new services at high-speed and cadence,” said Richard Kim, Executive VP and Head of Global Business Unit for Americas, Asia and Oceania, Kaon.

“Wi-Fi 6 represents a leap forward in technology terms and is an evolution that will bring many advantages to consumers and their smart home networks, including faster throughout and lower latency with compatible client devices. Despite the performance advantages over previous generations, Wi-Fi 6 really comes into its own when it is paired with sophisticated cloud control and AI technology to elevate the subscriber experience. To this end we are delighted to further strengthen our partnership with Plume and OpenSync, and leverage cloud technology to our rich portfolio of new Wi-Fi 6 Home Gateways and Wi-Fi extenders launched in 2020 and 2021,” said Ahmed Selmani, Deputy CEO, Sagemcom.

“The powerful combination of Sercomm’s market leading Wi-Fi 6 platforms and OpenSync will enable service providers to not only enhance wireless in-home performance, but to also deliver new cloud-curated experiences for their subscribers that will drive new ARPU opportunities,” said James Wang, CEO, Sercomm.

“Technicolor gateways and extenders have been deployed to millions of homes, and through this partnership with Plume we expect to see a greater acceleration in market growth for Wi-Fi 6 customer premises equipment. This is further proof of our commitment to helping operators worldwide in reducing the complexity of delivering reliable, high-throughput Wi-Fi coverage throughout subscribers’ homes. The pre-integration of OpenSync, in addition to Plume’s CEM platform and associated services, into Technicolor’s gateways and extenders enables network service providers to offer excellent connectivity and innovative smart home experiences that delight and retain subscribers,” said Girish Naganathan, CTO, Technicolor Connected Home.

“Service providers want to quickly deploy premium services that are personalized for subscribers. The winning combination of Zyxel Wi-Fi 6 CPEs with OpenSync and Plume’s cloud platform offers providers a solid foundation for creating these premium and high revenue services,” said Brian Feng, Senior Vice President, Zyxel Communications.

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