Faster Integration of OpenSync through Linux SDN support

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Announcing the integration of Linux SDN at the OpenSync Summit in March 2023 marked a significant stride for OpenSync, extending its reach to cover all smart home devices. Now, with the live release of OpenSync 5.6 in December 2023, the OpenSync framework seamlessly integrates support for Linux SDN.

OpenSync has extended support for the widely adopted Linux networking bridge, eliminating the need for additional development effort previously required to convert from the Linux bridge to OpenvSwitch (OVS). As a result of this expansion, OpenSync extends its reach to 100% of smart home devices, maintaining its position as the only software defined networking framework for consumer premise equipment. 

The support of Linux SDN from OpenSync 5.6, enhances the ease of adoption for OpenSync. It has already been embraced by ZTE and Evolution Digital, TP-Link, Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC), and Heights Telecom will be adopting OpenSync with Linux SDN.

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Why is Linux SDN a Game-Changer? Experience the Power.

  • Simplified Integration: Linux SDN significantly reduces the complexity and effort required to integrate OpenSync, facilitating a smoother and faster process, enabling a faster time to market.
  • Enhanced Compatibility: Seamless operation with the Linux native bridge, making it accessible to a wider range of hardware and development options.
  • Barrier-Free Integration: OpenSync integration has never been easier, eliminating the hard dependency on OpenvSwitch and the need to learn OVS.

Join us in embracing the future of connectivity with Linux SDN support.

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