35 CPEs OpenSync- Certified and Available for Deployment

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35 Devices

—The leading and most widely supported open-source silicon-to-cloud framework for smart spaces now has 35 CPE devices, from 16 of the world’s leading designers and makers, certified and ready to bring freedom, choice and control to service providers around the world—

Personalized smart services pioneer Plume®, today announced that 35 WiFi CPE devices are now fully certified and supported by OpenSync®, with more to follow. Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) from leading makers, including Adtran, AXON Networks, CastleNet, CIG, Comtrend, Evolution Digital, Hitron, HUMAX Networks, KAON, Sagemcom, Sercomm, Technicolor (soon to become VANTIVA) and Zyxel are certified with OpenSync, which ensures compatibility of these CPEs with a comprehensive set of cloud-based services. For more details on the certified devices visit opensync.com.

This announcement reinforces OpenSync’s position of bringing service providers the widest choice of industry-leading CPEs, and the only agnostic approach that decouples the services from the hardware. Relying on OpenSync, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) maintain complete control over their CPE choices, while interoperability across brands and WiFi generations extends the life of existing CAPEX investments, which is critical for managing supply chain challenges, for supporting environmental sustainability, and for improving Free Cash Flows (FCF). 

All OpenSync-powered CPEs––including gateways, extenders and pods––can coexist on the same network, irrespective of maker or WiFi generation, with plug and play simplicity, and access to Plume’s services. The comprehensive line-up also includes availability of the first OpenSync-certified WiFi 6E CPEs, fully cloud-optimized to enable CSPs and their subscribers to get an optimal performance from the 6 GHz spectrum:

  • CIG: WF-810E – available now
  • Plume-designed: SuperPod™ with WiFi 6E – available now
  • Sagemcom: F@ST5670E and F@ST368E – available now

All CPEs come pre-integrated with OpenSync and provide instant access to Plume’s SaaS Experience Platform and services suites. Leveraging OpenSync, and actively managed by the Plume Cloud, over 275 CSPs from over 30 countries currently serve highly personalized experiences to more than 41 million locations over the largest Software Defined Network (SDN) for smart homes and small businesses in the world.

OpenSync is the ‘SIM card’ for next generation services. Those who adopt it will remain relevant and thrive, while yesterday’s approach of differentiating via feeds-n-speeds and bits-n-bytes will deliver irrelevance and marginalization. The winners are rapidly adopting open-source, reliable cloud architectures, and massive data to enable and deploy services at scale. I’m confident OpenSync is the most significant movement for the CSP ecosystem; available now, proven, and scaled.
-Fahri Diner, Founder and CEO of Plume

“By adopting open source or standards based solutions, CSPs have the freedom to deploy services across entire device populations, removing the reliance on hardware; this leads to reduced development costs and lead times which is strategically important for competitive and operational effectiveness,” said Michael Philpott, Research Director, Omdia. “Our recent case story highlighted how Liberty Global has leveraged OpenSync to remotely upgrade thousands of customers instantaneously to a new cloud controlled adaptive WiFi service, without the need for home visits or lengthy and complex software development.”

Delivering a fully optimized consumer experience

Plume’s device maker partners cite the unique advantages of deploying WiFi CPE in combination with OpenSync and Plume’s SaaS Experience Platform:

“The accelerating adoption of our cloud-managed, mesh WiFi solutions worldwide has validated our strategic decision to partner with Plume and adopt the OpenSync platform. By complementing our fiber access portfolio with Plume’s AI-driven, adaptive WiFi we are delivering end-to-end fiber networking solutions to service providers of all sizes and unlocking the future network,” said Robert Conger, SVP, Technology and Strategy, Adtran.

"Our combined teamwork with Plume integrating AXON Network's vEdge and Digital Twin architecture with OpenSync, is perfect for an end-to-end Cloud managed network platform”, said Martin Manniche, CEO, AXON Networks. "Together we are driving ahead of prpl, utilizing the same architecture across DSL, fiber, FWA and cable. Our 100% WAN agnostic routing provides CSPs and telcos with future proof design and control to drive OPEX and CAPEX costs down.”

“CastleNet has integrated OpenSync with its DOCSIS 3.1, WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E CPEs”, said Ying Chang, Chairman & CEO of CastleNet Technology Inc. “By combining the unique CastleNet CPE designs with OpenSync and Plume’s SaaS Experience Platform, end users are able to enjoy multi-gig network access and new, highly personalized and value-added cloud services.”

“In today’s hyperconnected world it is imperative that customers have access to the technology necessary to serve flawless experiences,” said Mr. Zhao Haibo, CTO and Co-Founder, CIG. “We recognize that this can only be achieved by harnessing the power of the cloud, and to that end OpenSync is the established and logical choice for service providers.”

“Comtrend’s longstanding commitment to the rural CSP community has reached a higher level with OpenSync integration and functionality. Offering an array of integrated gateways, now including VDSL, opens new opportunities for carrier deployments,” said Kenny Chiu, CEO of Comtrend.

“The winning combination of Evolution Digital’s leading WiFi 6 and 6E OpenSync technology and Plume’s smart home services platform enables CSPs to offer a best-in-breed managed WiFi experience to their customers while increasing ARPU and lowering OPEX. Together with Plume as our trusted partner, we leverage OpenSync’s flexible and reliable framework to ensure CSPs enjoy the benefits of faster time-to-market, as well as consistent maintenance and support. Additionally, CSP logistics are massively enhanced by Evolution Digital’s forward-thinking supply chain management, which guarantees our customers available and ready-to-ship OpenSync hardware stocking levels,” said Marc Cohen, Chief Revenue Officer, Evolution Digital. 

“With Plume’s latest data report showing a 10% growth in connected devices per home in 1H 2022, it’s critical that the WiFi in the home continuously optimizes to ensure the best possible experience for the consumer. A scalable, cloud-driven solution like OpenSync is imperative to support these sophisticated WiFi optimizations,” said Greg Fisher, President, Hitron Technologies Americas.

“We are pleased to launch our OpenSync-enabled DOCSIS 3.1 Gateway, following the successful deployment of RDK-B in Japan. The HUMAX Networks DOCSIS 3.1 Gateway will enable subscribers to create an adaptive, wireless mesh experience in the home, with all the customer self-service apps they need for a simple self-install. HUMAX Networks will continue to expand its cooperation with OpenSync to supply more OpenSync-enabled CPE globally,” said Jerry Lee, CEO of HUMAX Networks Inc.

“While we recognize that WiFi standards get better over time, we also acknowledge that it’s critical to offer service providers a solution that leverages the powerful cloud control necessary to maximize the performance potential of the new specifications, while at the same time, providing a platform to support the delivery of new services,” said DS Jeon, CEO, KAON Broadband Co., Ltd. “With many people around the world now working-from-home permanently as a result of the pandemic, the need for additional performance, coupled with value added services, is more critical than ever; OpenSync provides the perfect solution.”

"The WiFi 6E specification ushers in some very powerful benefits including faster throughput and lower latency which are critical to the performance of many modern applications,” said Ahmed Selmani, Executive VP, Sagemcom. “In the frame of the unique and integrated partnership between Plume and Sagemcom, only by pairing the best hardware designed by Sagemcom with sophisticated cloud control and new services provided by the Plume platform will service providers be able to get the absolute most out of the new specifications.”

“Interoperability is a huge consideration in today’s complex in-home networks”, said James Wang, CEO, Sercomm. “OpenSync enables all WiFi CPE to coexist in a customer home which brings service providers tremendous flexibility when introducing new generations of WiFi. The powerful combination of Plume’s SaaS Experience platform and OpenSync enabled hardware––including Sercomm home gateways and extenders––ensures that every device in the home is fully optimized to deliver a consistently exceptional customer experience.”

“Capacity is a key concern within the home network and while the specifications are advancing to meet evolving needs, it is critical that the control methods also move forward to ensure that smart home users derive the best experience possible,” said Ashwani Saigal, Vice President Broadband Access Product Development, Technicolor (soon to become VANTIVA). “The solution lies not only in supplying the most sophisticated hardware, but in the platform needed to carry out sophisticated network optimization––we are confident that the choice of OpenSync and Plume’s SaaS Experience Platform will enable service providers and their customers to get the most out of the new WiFi 6E specifications.”

"Deploying OpenSync-certified CPE with Plume's robust SaaS Experience platform enables service providers to select and incorporate best-of-breed products that deliver the network features and performance that subscribers demand, and the remote management capabilities that lower OPEX and increase customer satisfaction," explained Brian Feng, Senior Vice President of Zyxel Communications. "The integration of OpenSync into select Zyxel WiFi 6 CPE enables service providers to leverage the whole-home WiFi coverage provided by our OpenSync-certified Gigabit and multi-Gigabit gateways and wireless extenders, allowing them to reliably deliver their premium services to every corner of the home.

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